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Welcome to Binod Maliel’s blog on Leadership.

Here’s how to navigate and get the best from this blog…

BLOG MENU (on the left side of the page)

The blog posts are categorized into 4 categories that you see on the menu on the LEFT side of the page. These are the 4 areas that a High Achieving Leader needs to be able to lead in:

  • Lead Yourself
  • Lead Others
  • Lead Results, and,
  • Lead Business.

Depending on seniority level (from fresher to CXO), the ability required in these the 4 areas will vary. However even a fresher is called to be a leader, and needs to have some ability in all 4 areas.

BUSINESS MENU (on top of the page)

We Help Organizations develop and grow TANGIBLY TRANSFORMED High Achieving Leaders at different levels of seniority without long drawn difficult-to-measure interventions.

A High Achieving Leader is not only a high performing leader at WORK, but is also a high achiever in LIFE.

The TOP MENU options are:

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  • Individual Programs: Programs for individuals
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More About the 4 Focus Areas for High Achieving Leaders

Lead Yourself

Private victory (victories in our private, often hidden, lives) precede public victory (victories that are visible to others). Posts here talk about how you can increase your private victory, such as growing intrinsic motivation, developing power habits, and increasing work-life balance.

Lead Others

As a high achieving leader, you need to lead and influence others including your team, your customer, your manager, your peers, and any other stakeholders involved. The posts here talk about how you can lead others – motivate them, inspire them, influence them, and bring out the best from them in a way that benefits the organization, them, and ultimately you.

Lead Results

A high achieving leader must be able to not only lead, motivate and influence others, but also get the work results expected from her and her team. The posts here talk about how a high performing leader will get results through structured projects – project management, agile projects, and business analysis.

Lead Business

A high performing leader – whether an employee in a corporation or an entrepreneur running one’s own business – needs to have a business owner mindset, and must be able to lead his organization.

As an employee, one needs to understand how the business works, where revenues are coming in, and how the company is making profits, to be able to best contribute to the growth of the company.

As an entrepreneur, one must be able to lead their organization, the strategy, the execution, and get growing sales and more sustainable profits.

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